Today at The Yellow Café

Welcome to The Yellow Café. Our gardener, Daniel, is laid up with a back strain, hardly surprising if you saw the work he gets through in just one day to bring fresh food and milk to the tables of The Yellow Café. He’s an old man, by his own admission he’s old enough to remember when The Dead Sea wasn’t even ill. Lana is caring for him, which makes me wish I had a back strain too. I never discuss sexual persuasions because we are all people and we love who we choose to love, but Lana is just a beautiful work of art on two legs. If she invited me to join her in a civic ceremony tomorrow I’d jump at the chance. Why? Because her father is a multi-millionaire. Ha, not really but I thought I would bring a smile to your face to help you through the day. So, we have Daniel in bed and Lana on nursing duties so I seem to be running the café single-handed. Would you care to help me? You could set the tables for this evening’s events, a Greek salad and live music. If you joined me yesterday you may recall I mentioned a young fiddle-player from a roaming family, well, he’s doing a gig here later and so I think the whole feel will be Mediterranean. Why not select the music to keep our visitors entertained before the live show? Oh, you already have. Good call.

Sun Racket by Throwing Muses

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There’s a song going round and round in my head this morning and it just won’t go away since they played it on the radio a little earlier. Way before my time a duo by the name of Brian and Michael wrote a song in 1992 about the painter L.S.Lowry, he who painted industrial scenes of long ago England. Lowry died in 1976 and is buried at The Southern Cemetery in Manchester. He wasn’t highly trained, a technical college student in Salford, but he was highly skilled with a style he made his own. The song is called Matchstalk Men and Matchstalk Cats and Dogs and, although corny on first listen, it tells the story of Lowry just as Don McLean did with Vincent. Lowry is a lesson to us all, we don’t need to go to art school to become an artist, just use your imagination. Today’s artist is the perfect example of self-style and expression.

The Derwent, Abraham's Tor, Matlock by David Hannaghan

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The Derwent.jpg

I’m reading a romantic novel at the moment and I’m teasing you by not telling you what it is. Oh ok, it’s by a young lady by the name of Kate Bateman, check her out if you want a no holds barred bit of romance on your bedside cabinet. Another book I totally recommend arrived yesterday and I’ve had to put down Kate’s book as I became enthralled by this writer who is new to me.

Us Three by Ruth Jones

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Time to get on and prepare for vegetables and sample the wine for later. Come and join me whenever you wish.

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