The Yellow Café is built on creativity and originality to stir your imagination. Inspired by artist Vincent Van Gogh, the name is a combination of two of his paintings, Yellow House where he lived for many years and The Café where he talked all things creative with his bohemian friends and fellow artists long into the night. The Yellow Café, just like The Internet itself, is open 24/7, open to visitors at all times.

          Please don’t confuse yourself with The Internet Café craze of years ago as this is something completely different. When Vincent died in 1890, aged 37, he left far more than just his 871 paintings behind, he left a way of life, an attitude, an atmosphere all of which is embodied by The Yellow Café. So, sit back, relax and let The Yellow Café whisk you away from your day to day life and enter into Vincent’s world of creativity and liberation.  

          The latest chapter of The Yellow Café will be released daily at 5pm GMT. Simply click on your chosen chapter below to read it or subscribe to our mailing list to get each chapter emailed to you so that you never miss one! The latest three chapters are shown below, if you wish to travel further back in time then please click here to enter our time machine.