Welcome to The Yellow Café and enjoy a fantasy journey inspired by Vincent’s many beautiful paintings. Did you know he produced 2100 artworks including 860 oil paintings even though he didn't paint until his late 20s and died at the age of 37, having sold just one, The Red Vineyard. Our name is a tribute to Vincent, a blend of The Yellow House In Arles and The Café Terrace At Midnight. On your visit to this unique location you will see modern digital artworks inspired by his toil, along with other pieces by our resident artists. 

        To begin your magical experience at The Yellow Café we invite you to forget the world outside by losing yourself in one of our unique videos from our Chilluminate series of calming footage and original music composed exclusively for The Yellow Cafe. 

The Vincent Today Collection

Final Vincent.jpg

Title: Memory Garden

This piece was inspired by Vincent Van  Gogh's Memory Of The Garden of Etten (Ladies of Arles) 

Painted in 1888

Vincent's Eye.jpg

Title: Vincent's Eye

This piece was inspired by the colours of Vincent Van Gogh's eye in his final self portrait painted in 1889


Eyes In The Skies -  Family Portraits

Final Family 1.jpg

Eyes In The Skies

The most unique family portrait in The Universe. A constellation created by the colours of your loved ones eyes.

Family 1.jpg

The Yellow Café Books

 50 Shades Of Yellow is a collection of thoughts that link you, the reader, with the thoughts of its staff, mainly Charlie Murray, Daniel the gardener, Pierre Dumont, the chef and Lana, the beautiful French waitress, to be joined later by Polish waitress, Zelda. They are the very thoughts that transport you daily to a world of freedom and liberation.

Available from Amazon for £6.99

Graham Gladstone is a both a regular visitor and regular contributor at The Yellow Café. He was born in Liverpool many years after the musical and poetical surge of the city during the 1960s and yet it was his local poet, Adrian Henri, who inspired him to write what was known as ‘The Liverpool Scene’ poetry. This is his one and only collection of verse and he dedicates the book to all those he works alongside at such an amazing venue.

Available from Amazon for £6.99

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