A new month, a new season, a new schedule!

We’re welcoming Spring into The Yellow Café a few weeks earlier than Gaia but we’re just so excited for it to finally be here! In celebration of all the fresh beauty that spring brings into the world we are launching a new, fresh, rejuvenated posting schedule for The Yellow Café! 

Music, Literature, Art, Photography and Sculpture are the things that we love most of all here at The Yellow Café and so we wanted to celebrate them all individually each week. There are so many incredible people out there working in each of those industries and we’re really looking forward to sharing our favourites with you! 

Monday is going to be dedicated to music, Tuesday is for literature, Wednesday for art, Thursday for photography and Friday for sculpture! Throughout the week you’ll also be getting daily letters from the editor which will include some fantastic giveaways, as well as new editions of Café Story and of course more fabulous Chilluminate videos for you all to enjoy too! On top of this we will of course be firing up our social media pages too! 

We’re really looking forward to sharing the next phase of The Yellow Café with you all, it’s going to be a truly incredible journey.
Thank you all so much for the love and support that you have shown The Yellow Café so far, we’re grateful for every one of you.


Wishing you all the best, love, luck, joy and happiness throughout March, Spring and beyond! 

See you tomorrow,

The Yellow Café. 

PS, as we say farewell to winter let's also say Farewell the rolling hills and farewell to the fields with Kate Rusby's  beautiful song The Mermaid!

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