The Yellow Café Story

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The Yellow Café is a fantasy café dedicated to all things creative, inspired by Vincent Van Gogh, When Vincent died in 1890, aged 37, he left far more than just his 871 paintings behind, he left a way of life, an attitude, an atmosphere all of which is embodied within The Yellow Café.

One of the most important aspects of our café is your imagination, through its power you can be sitting in a wonderful café, surrounded by amazing art, listening to wonderful music, reading fantastic books and talking to some truly interesting people.

Each time you step inside we take your imagination one step further with sequential stoires to really set the scene of The Yellow Café and to truly help you escape the stresses and strains of modern day life through the power of your own imagination. Don’t worry if you struggle to visualise it all at first, just let go and be completely in the present moment with the words you’re reading.

These stories are works of fiction, The Yellow Café is currently a fantasy café based solely online. The names mentioned are just names that we have currently featured on The Yellow Café website and in some cases are complete works of fiction and do not represent anyone at all. None of the performers mentioned have actually performed at The Yellow Café. 


The Man and His Dog

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