Mindfulness and taking ten minutes out each day, particularly in this present time, to just be in the present moment is a great way for you to reconnect with your imagination and get your creative energy back on track! Don’t just take our word for it though, doctors recommend taking ten minutes a day to practice mindfulness because it can vastly improve your mental health, alleviate anxiety, depression and stress as well as this it can also improve cognitive function, help your memory and just make you feel truly wonderful!

Chilluminate is our own brand of mindfulness meditation, consisting of a  collection of 12 exclusive multi-instrumental pieces composed for us by BAFTA Nominated musician Richard Digance. He is a Gold Award recipient from the British Academy of Composers and has also composed for the audiobooks of the world’s biggest selling travel writer Bill Bryson! These ten-minute pieces are embellished by some truly stunning video footage compiled by Charlie Murray.



Chilluminate Offline

If you would prefer to watch the Chilluminate videos offline, undistracted, without the chaos of the internet interrupting your Chillumination then they are available to purchase and download below for just £1.99. 

Chilluminate Album


The Chilluminate album consists of 12 original pieces of music specially composed for The Yellow Café by Richard Digance. The album is available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Tidal, Deezer, iHeartRadio, Napster and so many other fantastic places too!

Chilluminate Art


Limited edition Chilluminate artworks are designed to bring a sense of calm to your room. 

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