Welcome to our Editor's Letter! 

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You are such an important part of The Yellow Café, so naturally we want to keep you updated with what is going on at the café both on and offline! Our proprietor Charlie writes a few letters each week packed full of updates and exciting news from The Yellow Café documenting its monumental growth! 

The Yellow Café is growing at an astonishing rate and our future is getting brighter and brighter with each day that passes! These letters are a way for us to really bring you along on that journey with us by keeping you updated on all of the amazing things that are happening! 2020 is going to be such a monumental year for The Yellow Café because of this there will be a lot of letters coming your way from Charlie, we're going to store the most recent ones on this page so that you can catch up on any that you've missed! 


March 2nd, 2020  


March 1st, 2020  

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