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Launched in 2019, The Yellow Café is a unique fantasy destination dedicated to promoting the best in music, art, literature, photography and more. It is built on creativity and originality to stir your imagination. Inspired by artist Vincent Van Gogh, the name is a combination of two of his paintings, Yellow House where he lived for many years and The Café where he talked all things creative with his bohemian friends and fellow artists long into the night.  Just like The Internet itself, we are open to visitors at all times.

Please don’t confuse us with The Internet Café craze of years ago as this is something completely different. When Vincent died in 1890, aged 37, he left far more than just his 871 paintings behind, he left a way of life, an attitude, an atmosphere all of which is embodied within The Yellow Café. So, sit back, relax and let The Yellow Café whisk you away from your day to day life and enter into Vincent’s world of creativity and liberation.

The Yellow Café was created by Charlotte Murray, affectionately known as Charlie. She is a 28 year old writer, artist and digital content creator from Cheshire, England. Before creating The Yellow Café, Charlie ran the highly successful music and lifestyle blog And Then Charlotte Said… which had an audience of over 500,000 unique visitors each month. In 2019, Charlie decided that after 12 years of running And Then Charlotte Said… it had come to the end of it’s journey, it was time to move on. She wanted to do something different that would allow her to fully express every aspect of her creativity, thus after many lengthy discussions planning it all with her best friend The Yellow Café was born. 

The Yellow Café has become one of the most popular online destinations for people to hang out at and get the latest music, art, literature and other creative news as well as a daily dose of silliness, mindfulness and fun!  Our future is as bright, if not brighter than it's website background, this really is just the beginning of the adventures that lay ahead. 

The Yellow Café would like to thank the following companies for advertising on our website and for enabling us to fulfil all of our wildest dreams!

ArtGallery.co.uk, Amazon, Audible, Canon, Clare Florist, Gear 4 Music, Hearst Magazines, Lonely Planet Publications, The National Gallery, Royal Doulton, Townsend Music, Waterstones, Wedgwood, 

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