Welcome back to our newly redesigned website! I hope that you are all safe and well during this tremendously difficult time. As the nation is currently in lockdown I have had plenty of time to give our website a complete spring clean. I have simplified the pages to make it easier for you all to find the sections that you love, I’ve added a few new sections and I’m also very excited to announce that I have brought back two sections due to popular demand our Café Story and our Poetry Page!

The Yellow Café is proud to welcome our new resident poet Graham Gladstone! He is delighted to be hanging out at The Yellow Café. Originally from Birmingham, Graham moved to Cornwall, close to Polperro, where he became, in his own words, a failed everything. He now describes himself as a street-poet, a Banksy without the pictures. He is working on the completion of his first book and we are delighted to give you a delightful taste of his words with the compliments of The Yellow Café. Click here read Graham's latest poem.


I’d also like to invite you all to submit your own poetry as well! If you have a poem that you would like to have featured on The Yellow Café please feel free to send it to TheYellowCafe@outlook.com along with an image that you would like to have included with the poem.

As well as all of this I have added two new Chilluminate videos to the site and I have now made all of the videos available for you to download and keep forever for just £1.99 per ten-minute video! The charge is just to cover the distribution costs incurred when setting up automatic downloads. If you aren’t familiar with our Chilluminate series, it is our own brand of mindfulness meditation, consisting of a collection of 12 exclusive multi-instrumental pieces composed for us by BAFTA Nominated musician Richard Digance. These ten-minute pieces are embellished by some truly stunning video footage compiled by me!

I am also very proud to announce that I have officially opened my own gallery on the site to showcase all of my own art, The Murray Gallery is currently showcasing a very special piece of art depicting Stonehenge.​ This piece is available along with more of my art as a limited edition print from The Murray Gallery! Click here to find out more.

This is a really difficult time for everybody but I promise that I will do my absolute best to provide you with some much needed escapism and relief from the tumultuous world outside through the power of this wonderful fantasy café and the lovely community we have built through it. I’m going to try as best as I can under the current circumstances to bring some normality back to this site and keep it all moving up and up but I would love to know if there is anything that you think The Yellow Café could be doing to help you during this difficult time? Send your suggestion to TheYellowCafe@outlook.com.

I would like to take this opportunity to offer my sincerest thanks to all of the NHS workers and other key workers who are doing an absolutely phenomenal job to keep our country safe and moving so that the rest of us can lockdown safely. I’d also like to wish you all the very best, love, luck, joy and happiness today and always!

Charlie x

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