Our resident poet, Graham Gladstone, is delighted to be hanging out at The Yellow Café. Originally from Birmingham, Graham moved to Cornwall, close to Polperro, where he became, in his own words, a failed everything. He now describes himself as a street-poet, a Banksy without the pictures. He is working on the completion of his first book and we are delighted to give you a delightful taste of his words with the compliments of The Yellow Café.




I sit here wondering like we all do

Nothing surprising, nothing new

I sit here thinking of friends far away

As I sit here in The Yellow Café

Because here they join me and I’m not alone

As moss gathers on this rolling stone

Yes I though of them all today

As I sit here in The Yellow Café


In this world of fantasy

My loved ones sit at a table with me

It helps me to pass through every day

As I sit here in The Yellow Café

Smiles and laughter, things that are gone

As I sit here they all linger on

Another twenty-four hours to negotiate

Another twenty-four hours to sit and wait


I wonder what shall I do today?

As I sit here in The Yellow Café

I listen to music that seems long gone

Of a band that were together for so long

A song that, apart from here, is not heard

I sit here absorbing there every last word

It’s my escape to watch them play

On the stage of The Yellow Café


But when the faceless enemy has gone

The sound of music will live on

Fun and laughter will again resound

Not the sound of an army gaining ground

Raised glasses in celebration

Raised hopes of a battered nation

Good times and rhymes will soon be back

Once the enemy’s launched its last attack


I realise this is far away

As I sit here in The Yellow Café

The family and friends I hold so dear

Are not far away they’re gathered here

At last we gathered as one today

Together at last at The Yellow Café

No more words needed as we realise

It’s enough to look in each other’s eyes

Those eyes say more than words can say

As we come together at The Yellow Café

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