Day Eight

Updated: Sep 11

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I just could not get to sleep last night, a surprising admission as I didn’t fall into bed until some unearthly hour, a little the worse for wear, yet immensely proud of myself just the same. I never feel the need to apologise for my crazy lifestyle. The Yellow Café is a place of liberation, freedom and self-expression and I love to embrace all those three things, sometimes at the kind of cost I am feeling today.

Isn’t it amazing how the cows in the field moo louder when you have a sore head? It’s as if they know. It isn’t my fault they weren’t given a few glasses of wine last night is it? They can protest as loud as they like but there is nothing I can do other than cover my ears. The chickens down at the poultry yard have joined in too, laughing loudly at my unfortunate disposition. As for the geese, there’s no need to mention them because you can imagine their vocal statements for yourself. Artists like Stubbs and Landseer made their names by depicting animals in their own distinctive styles. Right now, I don’t have any great desire to draw any such animal as they all seem to annoy me. Luckily, my digital art doesn’t fall into such a category but, hey, this is the perfect scenario in which to plug my own art for a change. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Charlie Murray Gallery

The Charlie Murray Gallery

Click here to view

Forgive that indulgence. Ok, I said yesterday I would tell you about our beloved gardener, Daniel. I will do so now, but in an obtuse way, because I see Daniel through my nose, which will obviously take some explanation. You see, whenever Daniel turns up he is always carrying produce from the vegetable garden or the adjacent orchard as all our foodstuff is prepared in our own kitchen, although I must admit we don’t have our own coffee plantation, such a shame as its coffee that’s pulling my head together right now. He has just turned up clutching arm-loads of bright green Bramley cooking apples, the first windfall of the season and they smell beautiful. Apple pie will be on the menu this evening or maybe we will add a few sultanas and offer our customers a tasty French apple tart. You know what William Shakespeare said about music being the food of love? Those opening lines of Twelfth Night could have been written just for me, to lead me from the thought of food to the wonderful gift of music, a featured album today, and, boy oh boy, what an album, one of my favourite releases so far this year.

American Standard by James Taylor

Released 28th February 2020 on FanTasy

I messed around with a few of the male species when I was at school, but never William Shakespeare. It was many years later, hanging out in college bedsits, that I began to appreciate the work of the great man. Shakespeare is a much better read when he isn’t forced upon you, a bit like eating vegetables when you were a child. Having said that, I really do need to force this new publication upon you because I feel you will miss out if you don’t get to read it.

Akin by Emma Donoghue

Click here to learn more

I hope you have enjoyed your visit to The Yellow Café. Keep it all in your head as you go about your day, the smell of freshly-picked apples, the joy of new-found music and words that fill your heart. Please call in again tomorrow. There is always a warm welcome for you at The Yellow Café.

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