Day Eleven

Updated: Sep 11

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Laughter makes the world go round, doesn’t it just and, bad as it is, we all seem to find pleasure at laughing at other’s misfortunes don’t we? If that’s the slightly awkward case then I can fill your head with laughter right now, or, more to the point, our gardener Daniel can. He did something crazy as the Sun rose this morning and now he’s paying the price.

When you find an old rowing boat by the lake, hidden for years by undergrowth, the last thing you do is try to launch the rotting wood and sail off to the small island in the middle of the lake, especially if you cannot swim. Poor Daniel, a non-swimmer by the way, he hadn’t paddled out too far when a large hole in the bottom of the boat quite literally dampened his spirits and he could be heard calling for help as he stood waist-deep in the water. I have to say we laughed, the geese laughed and the cows totally ignored him.

Most artists love to place water in many of their works as water offers such peace of mind. Daniel had no such peace of mind and his arms waved like a windmill in a hurricane and his cries echoed from here to the village church. We managed to drag him to safety and bring him here to The Yellow Café for the drying out process.

There is a beautiful artist I highly recommend who uses water colours as opposed to watercolours. Check this out, it is awe-inspiring.

Watching The Sunset by Aisha Haider

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Poor old Daniel, imagine him if you will, sitting here with a large blanket draped across his shoulders as his body tries to raise itself to a more bearable temperature. He looks bedraggled, he is bedraggled. He looks down-trodden, he is down-trodden. You shouldn’t go on maritime adventures when you are of an age that should advise against the idea. He’s a gardener, not an Olympic rower. To calm him and bring him back to some kind of Yellow Café normality I have chosen this album. It’s been in my collection a while now but it always remains at the top of the pile.

The Fiery Margin by Alasdair Roberts

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The whole incident reminded me of the escapades that went on in Jerome K. Jerome’s brilliant story of Three Men In a Boat. He wrote that book way back in 1889 but he could well have started it this morning after discovering Daniel flapping around in wet surroundings that did not become him. On the subject of books, and yes I know every book has a subject, but on the subject of books, I recommend this as a good read. I’ve just presented it to Daniel as he has a few hours to dry out before he gets back to his garden.

The Beekeeper of Aleppo by Christy Lefteri

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I would call that an eventful time here. I have laughed more than I should have but Daniel is safe now, wrapped in his blanket, supping a hot mug of coffee. Let’s leave him to it and get on with our own day shall we? Maybe see you tomorrow?

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