Day Fifteen

Updated: 5 days ago

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Welcome to another fantastical day at The Yellow Café. No such word really but a delightful description just the same. Come along with me and lose yourself as I set up the patio ready for this evening’s performance. We are a café by name but the most important ingredients we offer here are music, art and literature.

Everyone loves music, of course they do, but we all have different tastes, just like the food we eat. This evening’s musical rendition is by The Music Consort who play what is known as early music, using ancient instruments such as crumhorns and sackbuts. What on earth is a crumhorn? It’s a kind of sophisticated recorder they played back in The Renaissance Period. And a sackbut? Well, that’s an ancient kind of trombone. Just imagine playing for the kings and queens as they dined their special guests and you have the mood I so wish to create this evening. I need to choose an appropriate album to impress our guests as they await the grand arrival of The Music Consort. This album will definitely suffice.

Raindances: The Transatlantic Recordings 1973-1975 by Gryphon

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I’m not sure my own modern digital art will be compatible at such an evening of musical nostalgia but luckily I have been informed of the very artist who may well blend rather nicely with the court music we shall be listening to later. By the way, you really must join my table tonight and punish a few glasses of mead.

She Who Flies by Diana Malivani

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Obviously I had to look up exactly what those instruments were so I’ve had my face in a book for a while. Reference books aren’t really my thing as I prefer a great story to send me into a world of fantasy. Oh no, you’re not the only one who needs to escape from the horrors of reality from time to time. I need The Yellow Café as much as yourself. Let me recommend the title that is drifting me away at the moment.

The Sun Sister by Lucinda Riley

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Music, art and literature, a threesome I love to indulge in more or less every hour of the day. Indulge with me, stick your toe in the water and feel the inspiration travel up your body. See you tomorrow?

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