Day Five

Updated: Sep 11

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Welcome along to The Yellow Café. I sense you have been here before, but I may be wrong. Daniel our gardener is about to appear with fresh milk from our cows so please forgive me if I leave you for a second to take in the chilled atmosphere of our barn conversion set in the countryside, in the middle of nowhere. I hope you enjoyed the walk here, along the footpath beside the lake and I hope the geese weren’t too unfriendly. I was about to say they meant no harm but they probably did if you got too near. I know it’s early and this evening’s performance is a long way off but take a listen to the music we are playing in the background as we prepare ourselves for another day that offers you the very best in art, literature and music. We have been raving about this singer since the album arrived and you really should take a listen. It will transcend you to somewhere with a tranquil setting and that’s what The Yellow Café is here to do. Take a listen while I help Daniel take the milk churn into the kitchen.

Heart's Ease by Shirley Collins released 24th July 2020 by Domino Recording Company

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Beautiful music is the way to start a beautiful day, and a way to end it too. The hour is not important. In fact, when you lose yourself in The Yellow Café nothing else is important. Isn’t it comforting to just chill out with like-minded people and let the cares of the world dissipate into insignificance? Our resident singer Nancy Miller, dear Nancy, will be with us later as will Graham Gladstone, our in-house poet, so why not relax and join me for a lazy cup of coffee served by our delightful waitress, Lana. I don’t mention her too often and I don’t really know why. Perhaps I’m a tad jealous as she is the most stunning woman you could ever lay your eyes on, let alone your hands. If you imagine your own perfect woman you will come up with someone like our Lana. Just watch her hang our new painting on the wall of our guest gallery and once you have stopped admiring her beauty then admire the incredible beauty of today’s guest artist. All the artists on our walls our carefully chosen to compliment our surroundings and this is one such artist.

Return To The Sea by Ross Sweet

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They say that the beauty of art is in the eyes of the beholder and sometimes an artist’s work jumps out and hits you so hard there is no disputing its beauty. I think you’ll agree that is the case today. The world of art has fascinated me for many years, how an artist can be poverty stricken until they reach a level that makes them sought-after objects to hang on a wall, some worth millions of pounds. Words sometimes fail me which is why I appreciate the writers we talk about here. Words never seem to fail them. Check out this new publication as a perfect example and I look forward to getting together with you tomorrow during your next visit to The Yellow Café. The door is always open so close your eyes and join me again.

The Giver Of Stars by Jojo Moyes

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