Day Fourteen

Updated: 5 days ago

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Have you ever realised what a wonderful thing cheese is? Yes, I’m off on a strange one today, probably because our new chef, Pierre Dumont, took control of the kitchen this morning and exciting times are ahead. Gouda cheese, for example reminds me of Vincent Van Gogh, the Yellow Café’s inspiration above all others. It’s Dutch and it’s inner being is full of holes, just like suffering Vincent’s own personality. It’s soft and yet distinctive and that sums Vincent up too. Which cheese describes you the best? Me? I think, since I have recently spotted a varicose vein on the back of my leg, I have to go for Stilton. My fear is I’ll have a leg like a lump of Stilton soon. It isn’t a great thought. I’m sure you haven’t visited the café today to hear about my problems so let’s get straight into some music to liberate ourselves from unpleasant thoughts, and smells in this the case of Stilton. You’ll love this album I’m about to mention.

Battlefield Dance Floor by Show Of Hands

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Pierre Dumont has decided to theme our kitchen and how ironic it is that a nice man by the name of Michael is painting the ceiling of the village church as we speak. The irony is that Pierre’s first special for our customers is an Italian dish. The easy route would be a Margherita Pizza but Pierre’s thoughts are as imaginative as yours and mine, and so the Italian dish today is Caprese salad with Pesto sauce. I have no intention of turning this into a recipe page but try and imagine the aroma drifting from Pierre’s kitchen. Not only is it glorious but it removes the dreadful smell of Stilton from my nostrils. Michelangelo was born in 1475 and he wasn’t just a painter like young Michael at the village church. He was a sculptor, an architect and a poet too, the perfect guest to welcome into The Yellow Café and I’m sure we would have invited him here if he hadn’t died in 1564. It’s amazing that he lived to the grand old age of 88 at a time when the average life-span was no more than 40. Daniel, the gardener, has just stated that it gives hope to him in particular and the rest of us in general.

We all cherish famous painters of old but let’s not forget those who are plying the same trade today. One in particular caught my eye today. See what you think.

Woodland Pond by Alifya Hathiari

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Yes, wouldn’t the great Italian genius be a wonderful guest here? Imagine breaking bread with him and sharing a bottle of finest Tuscany wine. Maybe we could have a guest author at the table too? How about Dylan Thomas? I’d love to tell that Welshman his Under Milk Wood was the first book I ever read at school. It was essential reading, compulsory actually, and I wonder if he would feel touched or apologetic if he were here today to hear my story. Just imagine those two gentlemen at our table. As we await their unlikely arrival, never say never, I want to bring a wonderful author to your attention.

The Long Call by Ann Cleeves

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It’s been an interesting day with an international feel at The Yellow Café. Our French chef, Italian menu and guests from Florence and Swansea, yes we’ve travelled around today and I hope you enjoyed sharing my journey.

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