Day Nine

Updated: Sep 11

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I’m down by the lake today, somewhere I fancied spending some time away from the real world out there. Why don’t you join me? Clouds have been gathering all day, like some army preparing to march into rainy battle, so the water isn’t as blue as it sometimes appears, more a shimmering silvery colour, not a colour you often see in the paintings we display at The Yellow Café. Please tread carefully as there are so many tiny beings going about their own days beneath your feet as we walk along the water’s edge. A small cluster of Monet’s lilies are moving around as one or two carp rise to see what’s on offer for their breakfast. They suck and blow as they choose their favourite foods. Their table manners are no different to our unkempt poet, Graham Gladstone, as he tends to suck and blow too, particularly when enjoying a bowl of our home-made soup.

Ducklings are following mother ducks, just like railway carriages behind the engine and we see our smiling reflections as we marvel at Mother Nature and what she offers us. It’s such a joy to find peace and quiet until you realise it isn’t quiet at all, but that doesn’t matter. There’s the wind blowing through the trees, corny but true, water lapping by our feet and birdsong filling the air. The ducklings yell at their mother, telling her to slow down, and the carp are still crashing the lilies, ever hungry. No it isn’t quiet at all, but peaceful it most certainly is and I’m delighted to be sharing this chilled moment with you.

I turn you around and you see The Yellow Café, the barn conversion, standing proud at an elevation above us. It seems peaceful too as it awaits the visitors and the musicians shortly embracing its interior. We have a classical guitar performance later, a visit from a touring musical genius and as always we begin the evening with a featured album for the customers to appreciate as they partake in their evening meal. I think I have found the perfect album. I hope you enjoy it as much as me.

Little Idols by Jordan Lehning

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Where would we be without amazing music? Well, we wouldn’t be in The Yellow Café, that’s for sure, as we play music all the time, either recorded or live. Someone once described art as songs without words because every painting says so much about the person that painted it. After that nice lazy stroll we are back in the barn. As you look to your left you see the pictures hanging proudly on the wall. They are always a talking point by anyone who enters in, and I’m sure you’re not surprised as you too take in all that is on show. Maybe you shall try painting a picture yourself? What do you mean you can’t paint? Everyone can. It’s all about self-expression when you take a brush in your hand and let it meander around the canvas. It makes for a real release, when nothing else matters. Try it and let me see the result, maybe even hang it in the guest gallery. It’s the same as someone saying they could never write a book. Anyone can put words together, it’s all down to letting the juices flow and filling your mind with self-belief. Just look at some unbelievable results, this artist will spellbind you without a shadow of a doubt.

Dandelions In The Sun 2 by Oleg Riabchuk

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I imagine, actually I imagine most hours of the day as it happens, that most artists began with self-doubt but you see their results. They really are incredible people. Authors are the same. Most of us hated writing essays at school and then it turns in our favour and we’ve all tried to write poetry and short stories. I know Graham, our resident poet, is a rough diamond but I so admire his staying power. He seems to write something special every day and I’m flattered he attributes his work to the inspiration given to him by The Yellow Café. There are so many new books to praise. Today’s title has us all at The Yellow Café giving a five-star review. It’s well worth a read.

Summer by Ali Smith

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I hope you enjoyed your trip down to the lake to wish the ducklings the best of luck as they began their journey through their precarious lives and I also hope you enjoyed spending some time with me in The Yellow Café. Please look after yourself and keep well.

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