Day Nineteen

Updated: Sep 17

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You’ve joined us here at The Yellow Café on a very special day as it’s our waitress Lana’s birthday. How old is she today? That’s the beauty of the café, there’s no need for awkward guesswork because she’s as old as you imagine her to be. We’re having a friendly gathering over in the far left-hand corner of the café. We’ve pushed a couple of tables together and you are invited to this very unique birthday party. You’ll love Lana and I’m sure Lana will love you too. Let’s pop a cork or two as we play one of Lana’s favourite new albums.

Folklore by Taylor Swift

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Birthdays just have to be special occasions and our chef, Pierre Dumont, is making sure that Lana’s is no exception. He learnt his trade in France and so he knows exactly what to prepare for a lady from the same country. We launch her into the new year, just like a ship rolling down the slope, with the finest champagne to wash down Lana’s favourite treat of fresh lobster served with browned Gruyere cheese and a dab of Dijon mustard. It’s a tradition that we serve our staff on their birthdays and so perhaps you would like to help me be a waitress for a waitress? I’ve bought Lana a lovely book for her birthday. To be honest she doesn’t read many books but I know she has been inspired recently by this wonderful new author and knowing Lana an even bigger birthday treat would be to meet and dance with the person who wrote it. Who knows? Stranger dreams come true at The Yellow Café.

Such A Fun Age by Kiley Reid

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thought about giving her a picture for her birthday instead of a nice book but pictures are always tricky if you’re not sure of someone’s personal taste and their home décor. Surprising as it may seem I have never been to Lana’s tiny cottage in the village, we both think we see enough of each other during the day. Having said that I’d love an evening with Lana away from what are my business premises. Hey, maybe we could surprise her tonight and turn up for a sleep-over just like we used to when we were kids.

Sweet Rest After Performance by Serghei Ghetiu

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Happy birthday dear Lana, happy birthday to you. Hey, you must come and see me on your own birthday. Just to warn you, we know how to party at The Yellow Café.

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