Day One

Updated: Sep 11

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You join us on a beautiful day at The Yellow Café. The sun shines down upon us all as we prepare for another day of music, art and literature. You are invited to drift away and share the creative gems on offer today.

Our converted barn is steeped in history and I, myself, love to close my eyes, just like you, and imagine the folk of yesteryear going about their own days. Farmers storing wheat and home-produced foodstuff, just as we do for our visitors, I see it all as I leave the building and its fragrance of freshly-baked bread, to take in the amazing countryside that surrounds us here. The cows nod at me nonchalantly, knowing they will soon be milked to provide our freshest coffee in the world and I see you giggling at their expectant eyes as you walk beside me. They are certainly our strangest looking members of staff, apart from Daniel, the gardener, who also has strange, staring eyes and a wry grin that greets you whenever he turns up with the freshly-picked vegetables for todays’ unique menu. I advise you to keep your distance from the cattle in the field and probably Daniel too if you know what’s good for you.

Why not join me at the poultry shed? We don’t just keep chickens, oh no, there are a few families of ducks that have lived here for generations and a couple of irritating, noisy geese who think they own The Yellow Café. Thank god they’ve gone to sleep by the time the evening music begins. Geese aren’t known for being great chorus singers, even though they’d be louder than you and I.

Speaking of the evening performance I’m looking forward to our resident performer, Nancy Miller, guiding us through her repertoire of beautiful self-written songs. You will love her as her melodies take you away to so many other places in her head. We always play music before Nancy appears on stage and our featured artist today is Molly Tuttle, one of our personal favourites here at the café. Her album ‘When You’re Ready’ is full to the brim with enchanting lyrics and melodies and I love to spread the word regarding her skills. My own ear-worm songs of Molly are ‘Take The Journey’ and ‘The High Road.’

When You’re Ready – Artist, Molly Tuttle – Compass Records

Website -

I must show you the lake where the ducks go for their morning waddle. The footpath to its water’s edge is an array of scented flowers as wild as our café evenings and they are an inspiration to the many artists who visit us. They dance like we will dance later, they are as colourful as those who work here, particularly our much-admired waitress, Lana, and they live peacefully beside each other in a world that bears no resemblance to the real world. They belong in your fantasy world, and mine too. When I opened The Yellow Café I dreamt of having my very own Charlie Murray Gallery. I never thought it would happen due to my partial eyesight, but that’s exactly what I set up, on the wall facing you as you enter our double-barn doors. I never thought I would become an artist with limited eyesight, but, hey, it didn’t stop Parisian artist Monet, whose priceless works are still adored nearly a hundred years since he left us. He’s best known of course for ‘Water Lilies’ and did you know he employed a gardener to dust those famous lilies? Imagine what would happen if I asked Daniel to go to the lake and do the same for us. His wry grin would turn to a grimace as he handed in his notice.

The Charlie Murray Gallery

Click here to view

Let’s go inside the café and taste the fresh coffee. That will give the cows a sense of purpose as we sit at a table where we are joined by our resident poet, Graham Gladstone, who wants to tell us all about his latest work. Graham loves talking about his latest attempts, in fact Graham doesn’t talk about much else. Like so many who dream of doing the same thing, he spends his days locked away in a world of words. He’s always up for a coffee with someone like yourself and the smell of the freshly-ground coffee takes away the bodily smell of a bedraggled old man who probably hasn’t washed since he gave up his teaching job ten years ago to become a poet of note. We run a pointless tab for the old boy, a total waste of time as, like most poets, he has no money and therefore never buys anything. He scrounges as well as the next dog, stray cat and threatening geese, and we ignore the fact he always leaves us with half a loaf of bread and a wedge of cheese hidden underneath his trench-coat. He is a wonderful man of words and we were so proud when he published his very first book of verse, a collection of poems all inspired by The Yellow Café and its countryside surroundings.

Graham Gladstone

The First Collection

Before we prepare for the evening, perhaps you would like to join me for lunch? It’s time for the crusty bread to make its appearance from our very own country kitchen along with The Yellow Café cheese that looks similar to Dutch Gouda, our own complimentary tribute to Vincent Van Gogh, also Dutch, the man who inspired me to open The Yellow Café and name it after the great painter. Sliced apples from our orchard and home-made pickles and chutney from our Autumn windfalls make a platter to joyously fill the stomach after a stroll around our fields.

You will notice there are four chairs around the table and not three. Joining us and Graham, who shall be seated at a distance so as not to turn the apples rotten, is our first guest arrival. The Yellow Café welcomes literary authors and today is no exception as we are joined by celebrated author Richard Digance, a BAFTA Nominated artist and recipient of The Gold Award from The British Academy of Composers. We are giving his new book ‘Four Months Lost’ pride of place in our library section situated adjacent to our fresh food counter. It defines his thoughts during the global lockdown that has occurred in the real world we have momentarily left behind.

Author- Richard Digance; Book release- ‘Four Months Lost’

Available in paperback through Amazon

So there you have it, dear friend, your first visit to The Yellow Café. You are welcome to join us here anytime. Come and enjoy a world away from the stress of the real world, a world where words speak louder than actions. I must now lay the tables for this evenings performance.

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