Day Seven

Updated: Sep 11

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I agree, I think we all agree, pheasants are wonderful looking creatures, with appearances that makes you think they were given to a skilled artist at birth to brighten their long feathers with colours that few other birds would ever possess. Yes, I know all that, but they are mindless creatures and when they stroll into the café, uninvited I hasten to add, they can cause untold chaos. Although there is no need, they panic. We have no intention to harm them or lead them to the kitchen as a sacrifice, but they don’t know that. The ensuing gifts they leave behind on the floor are a health hazard and clearing it up is not one of Lana’s favourite chores. We both joke that she may well be one for the birds, but not that variety.

Lana, our waitress supreme, arrived in a similar way I hasten to add. She just wandered into the place as were preparing for our grand opening, nervously looking around the place, also uninvited, but unlike the messy pheasant, she decided to stay. Some personal issue which is none of our business brought her here from France, confused and worried of her future. She had no need to worry because she fitted in perfectly. She doesn’t paint pictures, sing or write poetry but her caring for our customers is an artform in itself. Everyone who comes here immediately falls in love with Lana and I can’t blame them. Any songwriter would come up with a few verses at first sight, which brings me nicely onto our featured album today. If you want to hear words written from the heart you must take a listen to this album that has just been sent to us.

The Dirt and The Stars by Mary Chapin Carpenter

Released 7th August 2020 on Lambent Light Records

Now you’ve listened to that album you will see what I mean. Let me dedicate my story today to our wonderful waitress. Maybe tomorrow I will give you an in-depth description of our gardener, Daniel, but it will never be as encapsulating. Lana looks like a Breton gypsy with her curled hair falling down to her shoulders and her tight jeans that she compliments rather nicely. She would be the perfect model for any artist studying life-drawing. Her curves will allow a brush to sweep across the canvas in a series of arcs and her long legs would cause any picture to be portrait rather than landscape. Artists are the very people who can see something the rest of us cannot and create their own interpretation. Our guest artist today is no exception.

Trees In Early Morning Light by Marc Todd

Click here to learn more

I have mentioned before how we all tend to take classic books for granted, something we should never do. They still adorn bookshelves because they are works of art in their own right. I can’t help but wonder what a romantic poet such as Lord Byron would have written if he had sat exactly where we are sitting now, gazing at our very own French refugee. He would have filled endless pages I’m sure, as indeed could I if I didn’t have to prepare the café for our evening performance. I will leave Byron to it and place his finished work next to a book that I have found a brilliant read over the last few days. I must recommend this to you and we must talk again tomorrow.

10 Minutes 38 Seconds in this Strange World by Elif Shafak

Released 6th August 2020

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