Day Six

Updated: Sep 11

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It’s an exciting day today at The Yellow Café. Please join me as I fancy sharing the next 24 hours with someone who shares my creative thoughts and dreams.

The local vicar, I don’t know his name or persuasion if I’m perfectly honest with you, has asked if he could join us for lunch today. You may well say there is nothing particularly exciting about that, but just imagine a vicar who plays a mean blues guitar and has a wife who resembles Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac and you can see he is a rather special man of the cloth. It turns out he joined our local church because he fell in love with the stained-glass windows behind the altar because they oozed peace and tranquillity. A friend insisted he checked us out as we offer the same, yes in a different way, and he didn’t even know we were here. He has offered to bless our café and help protect us with a guiding light. I’m not quite sure what that means but any vicar who can hammer out a 12 bar blues alongside All Things Bright and Beautiful gets my vote and is a welcome visitor as far as I’m concerned. Not only that, but his wife loves to write poetry. They seem a couple made in heaven, if you’ll pardon the pun. Whilst we are mentioning a woman of words you really must check out this week’s amazing novel.

Normal People by Sally Rooney

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They will be here shortly so don’t forget to mind your language. Words we exchange through the night must be stored away for future reference as we don’t want to offend on our first coming together. Having said that, the old Mississippi blues singers sang on street corners of hard times, booze and drugs and I bet the vicar doesn’t clean up the act of each song before he strums his first E chord like they did on their battered acoustics. The mission of music is to tell you exactly how it is, be it love or heartache and the blues singers of long ago sang from the heart in their collarless shirts and denim bibs. He may well be a man with a collar but most of those singers weren’t, but most of them praised the Lord for the little things life had passed their way.

We’re playing some thought-provoking music too today. I’ll make sure it blends nicely with the vicar’s hour performance this evening. I have the perfect album in mind and I know you will enjoy it.

Let England Shake - PJ Harvey

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The moment the couple from the local church joined us I knew we had nothing to worry about. It’s great to watch you smile as they both join us at the table for the morning service of coffee and home-made rock cakes. He is such an interesting man of less years than I imagined and more hair than a vicar would normally sport. I noticed his wife’s eyes were scanning the paintings on the wall and not just mine as she seemed captivated by the works of our new artist on the guest gallery wall too. I feel we should tell her how beautiful she looks. I wonder if it would offend? Heaven knows. Just look at this amazing piece of art that caught her eye.

Night Moves by Stella Dunkley

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