Day Sixteen

Updated: 5 days ago

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Welcome along to The Yellow Café. I’m so pleased you are by my side on such a beautiful day. I’m strolling along the footpath and you are with me and we are both laughing and joking as we remember the art of making daisy-chains and buttercup necklaces as young children. Do you remember how you could make a wish once the jewellery of nature was complete? I so remember that. The innocence of children disappeared when we grew older but the chance to dream as we did back then is with us forever. Imagine sitting beside a brilliant artist as they compile a picture that takes your breath away. I would like to introduce you to one such artist.

Inferno by Abi Whitlock

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Of course, no musician, artist or author wants to be disturbed while their creative juices are flowing but our residents at The Yellow Café or more than happy to have you join them as they produce their startling works. It’s so interesting to watch the facial expressions of our resident poet, Graham Gladstone, for example, as he searches for the right words. There are expressions of anguish and joy as he pieces his verses together like a literary jigsaw puzzle. It must be the same for any author as they strive towards both completion and perfection. Check out today’s author who I admire tremendously and try to imagine the hard work that went into the story you see before you.

The Midnight Library by Matt Haig

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It has to be the same for songwriters too. We would all love to write a beautiful song, just imagine the joy if we could both do that. Watching someone weaving words into a melody is a wonderful experience because songwriters are magicians of words. I’ve watched Nancy Miller perform at the café many times and I’ve shared her excitement as she rehearses a brand new song in preparation for the evening performance. Yes, I’ve watched it so many times and it makes me realise the hard work that went into the album I’m recommending today. I think you’ll agree their hard work was well and truly worth it.

Echo by Ben Walker

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So today has been all about the deep thoughts that go into deep thought-provoking works. We can only marvel at the skills of such creative beings. At least we can share their efforts with you at The Yellow Café.

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