Day Ten

Updated: Sep 11

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It was Robert Browning who wrote Home Thoughts From Abroad and it’s me who invites you to enjoy home thoughts from The Yellow Café. If you’re here for the first time, welcome along. So where is The Yellow Café? Well, our beautiful barn conversion in the middle of the open countryside is in your head in the county of Escapism. You can be by my side as many times as you choose, simply by imagining what is going on here. I invite you to share our wonderful world of art, music and literature.

We all sat up late again last night. There must have been half a dozen of us talking about inspirational issues of creativity. In fact, that’s all we ever talk about. Politics doesn’t interest us and neither does anything else that is mentioned in the news as it’s all too miserable. When you walk through our door you have left such tales of woe to others, those who don’t share our interest in literature or brush strokes.

Last night, as a scented candle flickered on the table we ended up turning our chairs around to discuss a particular artist who seemed to inspire us all, a new artist to us, even though they’ve probably been painting for years to reach the standard that they have aspired to. Take a look and see what you think.

Paradise by Iulian Copae

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Oh to be in England now that April’s here are the famous words of the aforementioned Robert Browning way back in 1845 and yet those few words still spark one’s imagination don’t they? Oh to be in The Yellow Café any season of the year, that’s what I say, where you can enjoy the poetry of our very own Graham Gladstone. He has a book of verse published, each word inspired by sitting here, just like you are right now. Yes, we discuss authors too and not just artists. One such author landed on our doorstep the other day and each page is truly magical. It’s one I fully recommend.

We Begin At The End by Chris Whitaker

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I promise you, you will be enthralled. People like you and I find it so difficult to fit into the modern world most of the time, which makes us give thanks to those who allow us to share their skills and drift away to a tranquil place where we are not cascaded by the horrors of reality. Music is often the passport to such a place. Yes, we have our very own Nancy Miller to enjoy most evenings when the plates have been cleared away, but I really must bring this brilliant songwriter to your attention. I marvel at great songwriters because not only do they write amazing lyrics but then they have to work on melodies too. Phew, I consider that a job and a half, but at least at The Yellow Café we can sing their praises and help them reach out to more listeners. Take a listen to this spectacular album as it comes with a five-star rating from The Yellow Café.

Almanac For The Failing Days by Jinder

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I’m sure you’re busy today and have things to be getting on with. I do too, I’m just off to gather the fresh eggs the chicken literally passed our way this morning, but never forget we are here to offer you all your imagination can take. Please call again, you’re always welcome at The Yellow Café.

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