Day Thirty

Greetings to you, thank you for joining me today. I need to share my day with someone and I’m delighted it just happens to be you. I’m feeling old today, probably because I was going on about Robert Louis Stevenson and Jimi Hendrix yesterday, yet I’m not actually old at all. Daniel, our gardener is old, his birth certificate was written in Roman numerals and Pierre, our French chef, is young and full of energy. I am wedged between the two, in the metaphorical sense of course, but I wouldn’t complain if it became a reality to be perfectly honest.

Today at The Yellow Café we’re excited by a new artist we are displaying. It’s an amazing thought when you think how many people around the world paint pictures, there must be tens of thousands, like the tiny fry that are swimming around in our lake trying to grow into bigger fish against all the words thrown at them. We pay tribute to them all, but today, particularly to the talent that created this work. Please take a look, it is spellbinding in every sense.

The Fantasist by Bali Love Jenkins

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We have a group coming for morning coffee today but not the kind of group you would expect. They don’t play musical instruments, they’re not that kind of group, far from it. They are being brought here by our really cool, blues-guitar playing vicar who performed here a short time ago. I don’t know what they will think of The Yellow Café and neither do I know what my team at The Yellow Café will make of them. Apparently, our village church has stood since Saxon times, as have much of its congregation by all accounts, but just like that church we welcome all-comers to the café, especially you today. In the words of The Salvation Army, come and join us, and listen to today’s musical recommendation.

International Hotel - Billy Raffoul released 28th August 2020

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Ha, it takes all sorts to make the world go round. I never worked out the whole tambourine thing, what with Abba’s Dancing Queen and Dylan’s Mr Tambourine Man, but we’ve never had a tambourine player at The Yellow Café, thank god. I love reading books about music but there is never any mention of a professional tambourine player. On the subject of books and book’s subjects, I heartily recommend this one. Check it out and I’ll hopefully see you tomorrow.

The Day We Meet Again by Miranda Dickinson

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