Day Thirty Eight

Hello there and welcome to my ultimate escape venue, The Yellow Café. I’m Charlie and I’m a digital artist, just in case we haven’t met before. I created the café full knowing it isn’t just me who loves a life of self-expression and liberation. You never know who you will meet here. Sometimes you visit me and close your eyes and it’s amazing who could walk through the door of my converted barn. If you could meet anyone right now from the world of art, music and literature who would it be? How about you and I getting a train to Bristol in the hope of meeting street-artist Banksy? I love his work so much and I often dream of coming to the café one morning to find he has painted a mural on the side of the barn. Having said that, someone would knock the side of the barn down and sell it so perhaps it isn’t such a great idea after all. I’d like to start today’s fantasy journey to the café by alerting you of another artist whose work I admire.

Eyes On Me by Mach One

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I have a secret passion that I’d like to share with you. It’s nothing erotic although of course probably like you I have numerous erotic passions going on in my head, but in this particular instance I’m talking about hardback books. I much prefer them to reading on screen or flicking through a paperback. I love to touch and caress books as though they are my friends, after all, I take one to bed every night so therefore it deserves my undivided attentions. Books are a very special part of my life and I’ve added another to my collection which I’d like to recommend to you.

Art by Andrew Graham Dixon

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We have all varieties of music here at The Yellow Café, from jazz to folk music, from classical to early music. We have no musical boundaries because music should have no such boundaries. How would you like to join me tonight for Nancy’s live performance? We could share a bottle of wine and maybe we can talk long into the night with this great album playing in the background.

Ladies Of The Canyon by Joni Mitchell

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I look forward to seeing you later. Dress casual, we’re about to have a great casual evening together.

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