Day Thirty Five

Welcome to The Yellow Café. They say time flies when you’re having fun, so why not join me and have exactly that and watch time fly like the fastest bird in flight, which by the way is the Peregrine Falcon. Did you know that bird can swoop at a speed not too far short of 200mph. We live a far more sedate life at The Yellow Café, thank heavens. Lana, our beautiful gypsy waitress, has recommended a new book to me and I’d like to share it with you today.

Play, Record, Pause by Stephen Morris

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I’m not old enough to have met many genuine Romany gypsies and that’s a shame because

they seem to be a disappearing sector of people who choose their own way in life despite being damned by others. I mention them because a genuine, beautifully painted caravan rolled into the village yesterday and the four inhabitants came to say hello. To be honest I was reticent at first as their reputation came before them, yet I had no need to be wary. I almost thought of them as a mobile Yellow Café. A young man played amazing fiddle tunes, a woman read my palm to tell me what lay ahead and their caravan was a superb work of art. My eyes were opened and I enjoyed their company. As I listened to the fiddle music it made me realise how diverse music cabe and that we must never listen with blinkered eyes. The music I offer today is inspiring.

Early Days by The Watersons

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Before they said goodbye and went on their way they left me with a good luck charm. I don’t know if such things work but it is the thought that counts and count it most certainly did. What is this lucky charm? It’s a horseshoe and it now hangs proudly on the left-hand wall of the café because in its own way it’s a work of art too. You see, music come in so many varieties and so does art, which brings me nicely onto my featured artist today.

Gypsy Spirit by Susana Zarate

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And so it was a time when a dying tradition met modern times and I have to say I found their lifestyle enthralling, romantic and a journey of freedom. As they say, never judge a book by looking at the cover. Safe journey you travelling people and thank you for the awakening.

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