Day Thirty Four

I awoke this morning with the urge to make another visit to the lake to see how the creatures and waterside plants and flowers are growing. It’s been a while since my last visit and so I thought you may like to join me. I’m in summery dress mode today, all things bright and beautiful and all that. Let’s hold hands and dance down to the water’s edge like schoolchildren on holiday. Everything smells so fresh and healthy out here and the butterflies are going about their business, even though I’m not sure what kind of butterflies partake in. The ducklings have grown from small humbug sweets to lively things making their own way in life, a bit like us. Our giggling has made them scatter in all directions but they are safe from harm here. Join me back at The Yellow Café for coffee and I’ll tell you what is planned for today in our worl of art, music and literature.

I feel I should begin by telling you of an artist I have only just discovered even though he played a major part in the popularity of impressionism. His name is Gustave Caillebotte. In 1876 he was invited by Renoir to join him for a joint exhibition of their works. Until that point Gustave had indulged in buying paintings as much as doing them himself. He bought paintings by Monet when nobody else was interested in the great man’s pieces and Monet, himself, stated he would have died of starvation were it not for the purchases by Gustave Caillebotte, so he was an important man in many ways. I love to see works by artists and buying some, best I can with limited funds. Take a look at this artist.

Looking To The Sky by Elizabeth April Sadler

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Being at the lake reminded me of a book I read many years ago relating to the The Legends of King Arthur and His Knights, a book published in 1912. It’s a read that transported into a world of fantasy, where I still live today and where you always have an open invitation to join me. Books are escapism and my daily recommendations are well-founded today by a particular author whom I admire.

Hamnet by Maggie O'Farrell

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This evening is our last appearance for a while by our resident performer, Nancy Miller as she’s off to The United States to expand her name and popularity. We’re set to give her a good send-off and I will miss her terribly. You really must stay and share such a splendid evening with me at my table. I’ll, as always, be playing lovely music until Nancy sets foot on the stage and the music I have chosen is a relevant work and worthy of mention.

Gold Record by Bill Callahan

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So, my friend, we began with a dance down to the lakeside and we shall end the day with some dancing too. I hope you enjoy a nice glass of wine because it’s uncorked and ready to pass our lips on the special occasion. Such a memorable time ahead.

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