Day Thirty One

And another warm welcome from all of us at The Yellow Café. Charlie Murray here again. I’m having a day in my art studio today. As you may know I am partially sighted but I don’t let that diminish my passion for both studying art and creating my own digital artworks. Why don’t you come and sit next to me while I prepare myself for another art session? There’s lots of saving and editing so your company would be much appreciated. We could chat a while, perhaps you could tell me all about your own dreams and aspirations? What do you like to do to completely unwind? I love to create my drawings with the fragrance of lavender incense passing overhead, it’s an additional chill factor, if you see what I mean? I love lavender, even though it’s a colour I rarely use in my own art.

I love using vibrant colours, well actually it’s a necessity with my poor eyesight, but if I didn’t have art I don’t know how I would express myself. I’m trying to play the guitar but I’m one notch up from pathetic and I can’t write too well, other than poetry. I admire those who have the imagination and staying power to write full-length tomes and one such author I wish to recommend to you right now.

The Killings At Kingfisher Hill written by Sophie Hannah created by Agatha Christie

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When did you last take a bath in the glow of a candle or two? It seems to create a space in your head to think about things that make life more interesting. Sometimes I fantasise about who I would welcome into my bathroom to join me. I think really fit, interesting people but they all seem to be a little too busy to answer my prayers. I imagine someone sitting on the floor strumming an acoustic guitar whilst I indulge myself in a sea of dancing bubbles. Sadly, none of those musicians seem to have heard my prayers either. I’m sure they would join me if they weren’t too busy, as if!

Music is a wonderful aspect of my creative life. I don’t need to use my deficient eyesight to see what songwriters mean through the words they use. It’s all so clever. Imagine being serenaded yourself, who would you choose for such a fantastic personal appearance?

I’m always on the look-out for interesting new albums and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed by my choice today.

See Here, I Have Built You A Mansion by Josh Ritter

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I love the freedom digital art affords me. The sweeping strokes and geometric shapes are a joy to build. You should try it yourself, it’s an enjoyable pastime in which you can lose your inhibitions and totally relax into a new world on a distant planet. Here’s an artist I much admire.

A Walk Along The Beach by Nigel Farnworth

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Another wonderful day is drawing to a close at The Yellow Café so it only leaves me to hope you had a pleasant time in my company. I’m always here. Take a bath and light a candle.

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