Day Thirty Seven

I’m so glad you could join me today at The Yellow Café. We have an interesting storyteller coming to visit today and I thought you may like to join me at my table. It’s a woman called Dee Sutcliffe who travels the world visiting art galleries. It’s odd that we only think of London, New York, Paris and Florence but every nation in the world has some kind of art gallery, be it the vibrant, multi-coloured art of Africa or the blazing shades of The Caribbean with their Rasta inspiration. I’m looking forward to hearing her today as she tells about galleries she has discovered in Vietnam and Indonesia, I’ve always had an interest in Polynesian art and so it should be so interesting. The amazing thing is she’s only 32 years old and so the image you conjure up of the woman is way off the mark. Let’s sit together and enjoy her accounts of years travelled. I wonder if she will like the art I am showcasing today. I hope so because I love it.

Bullock Cart, Indian Village by Rajan Dey

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I do think it’s wonderful how creativity stretches around the world. Imagine sitting on a sun-drenched beach drinking coconut milk you watch a Bajan artist capture the scene with crayons whilst the music of Bob Marley pounds away in the background. There seems to be a strange smell in the air too which is probably best not to mention. Music is an international language and it knows no enemies, that’s why it’s such a wonderful thing. I love introducing you to music you have never heard before and today is no exception.

Playing With The Truth by Darren Black

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I’ve spent so long in the kitchen lately I feel I could almost write a book describing the various meals I have concocted for our visitors. There would be any measurements, only ingredients as I just sling the foods together and hope for the best while I’m singing my head off. It would probably be the worse selling book of the year but it would be fun to put together. I already have the title, Cooking The Books, or if I used guest chefs I suppose I could call it Booking the Cooks, hahaha. Have a think, you are about to write an informative book, which subject matter would you choose? While you’re thinking, you may well be interested in an author who has become one of my favourites.

My Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante

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Well, my friend, I’ll leave thinking about your own book’s specialist subject and hopefully you will join my again whenever you need chilling and escaping to the fantasy world that is The Yellow Café.

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