Day Thirty Three

Hello and warmest greetings from The Yellow Café. Allow me to introduce you to Tractor Tom. His name isn’t Tom but he drives a tractor so that’s what we call him. We only see him once a year, when the hay needs cutting in our fields. Tom is no ancient farmer, let me tell you. Think of your favourite movie star and you dress them in tatty denim overalls, sporting a straw hat that’s seen better days and there you have Tractor Tom. We always welcome him here because he leaves us with a few bales of hay to use as seating for our open-air music evenings. We’re having such a performance this evening so just imagine us all sitting closely together whilst the music plays. It’s nothing short of heaven. I’ve chosen some relevant music to get things going, it comes fully recommended.

Coffee At The Corner Bar by Annie Dressner

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One of my favourite painters is Paul Cezanne and he was also the inspiration for Picasso. He was born in Aix-en-Provence, twenty miles north of Marseilles and died in 1906. Cezanne gives us all hope because he started out at university studying law until he saw the error of his ways and took up the paintbrush instead. An interesting book on our bookshelves here at The Yellow Café is Cezanne by Himself, edited by Richard Kendall. It’s a captivating insight into a wonderfully creative life so it fits in nicely here. Another book has also caught my eye today, so much so it’s worth recommending to you as a good read.

Portrait of Humanity by Hoxton Mini Press

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Yes, Cezanne was a magnificent artist who produced over 800 paintings and 2,000 drawings but he wasn’t a socialite like Vincent Van Gogh or Monet. He was very much a quiet family man and he never hung out in the cafes of Paris like so many others, a shame really as I would loved him to have turned up at The Yellow Café and produce some of his watercolours at one of our rustic tables. Many artists are quite insular folk who let their palettes do the talking. I’m particularly inspired today by a new artist to me. It’s compelling and I’m delighted to share the work with you.

Another Day Bluebell Wood by Janice Rogers

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Another productive and thought-provoking trip to The Yellow Café, I hope, do call and see us again, we’re always here, rain or shine.

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