Day Thirty Two

Our chef, Pierre Dumont, is heading off for a short break in France, his homeland. He’s attending the wedding of a friend so we’re all mucking in to create a decent menu for today’s visitors to The Yellow Café. I do a nice vegetarian shepherd’s pie, if that is the correct description for a meat dish that doesn’t contain meat, so all I need to do is find a shepherd. Daniel, our trusty gardener, came armed with bundles of fresh vegetables to place beneath the potatoes I have just beaten into a pulp for the roof of the shepherd’s hut. Luckily this place is more about art, music and literature than food, even though food is a nice added bonus.

Come and join me as I slave away in the kitchen. I’m staring at the wine-rack at the moment thinking of the fantastic evening ahead and probably the headache tomorrow. Oh well, no pain no gain as they say.

I have noticed the décor in the kitchen has gone very French since Pierre became our chef. He has a nice picture of the Moulin Rouge in Paris above the shelf of home-made pickles and chutneys. He’s obviously been taken by the art that hangs on our walls around the café. Today’s artist is spectacular, Please take a look.

Homage to Mr V.G. by Karen Marigold

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We have music here from the moment we open until the time we close. Our evening performances are live events as we sit around the rustic tables in an intimate fashion, so close to the singers we can reach out and touch them as they perform for us. The rest of the day we play albums that have been sent to us and such is the case today. It’s an eclectic mix of sounds we like to play and some stand out more than others. Today’s offering is a beautiful album.

The Third Gleam by The Avett Brothers

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Talking of the Moulin Rouge, can you imagine the atmosphere created in that place? The flowing wine and the stunning dancers showing more than was usually allowed back in the day. It’s situated on Boulevard de Clichy in Paris and it opened in 1889, so I doubt if Queen Victoria would have approved. The image of that place makes you think it was a small café like ours where too much fun was had, but the place actually seats 850 people, a large venue with an equally large stage. We all know it was the inspiration of so many artists and not just Toulouse Lautrec and I hope our adorable Yellow Café is an equal inspiration to those who come here, not just artists, but authors too. Today’s book makes for an interesting read. Me? I have my head in recipes right now, so I’ll leave this book up to you.

The Guest List by Lucy Foley

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Onwards and upwards. You should see me in my chef’s apron. Actually, you should see Lana in her chef’s apron, but that’s another story for another day.

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