Day Three

Updated: Sep 11

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Yesterday’s rain travelled south overnight and today we are blessed with a far more peaceful breeze to help us recover from too much late-night wine. Isn’t wine a little devil? It seems to have the ability to hang around in our heads, through until the next morning, to remind us of a great night spent with great friends. I wish you could have sat beside me last night as I enjoyed perhaps too much rose that gave me this headache this morning and cheese that still lingers in the shape of mild indigestion. It’s the price we all pay for a splendid hang-out with people who we want to stay around with longer into the night, far longer than is good for our digestive systems.

The great painters and writers did the same thing. They never cared about the next morning, only for the moment, as they, like us, chatted and flirted long into the night, creating wonderful words and pictures that would be admired for maybe centuries that would follow. They had it so right didn’t they? Those nights were their inspiration and I invite you to steal that inspiration with me as we prepare for today’s menu of mastery.

Today is a lunchtime session poetry reading by our resident scribe, Graham Gladstone. He sits in the corner, over there on the left, and we gather around a few adjacent tables as he reads his latest verse. We are honoured that every single poem receives its world premiere at The Yellow Café. He is captivating, if somewhat dishevelled, as he recites his verses with a soft voice that knows no anger. He doesn’t care much for the outside world, so long as we feed and water him and give him the time to listen then he is a happy man.

It’s always exciting to hear what Graham has put down on paper but we must move on as we prepare for another wonderful evening of music and merriment. Please join me as I take a stroll down to the vegetable garden to see what Daniel can offer our customers this evening.

Yesterday’s rain seems to have washed the flowers, giving them an even more spectacular appearance than before. Nature certainly knows how to mix a natural palette. If you walk slowly you will realise there are more colours than you see when you go about your hectic daily life. Sitting on a train, looking out of the window, lost in your thoughts, is all very well but the countryside is a blur and offers no time to sit and wonder as William Wordsworth did when he wrote of the golden daffodils that surrounded his Dove Cottage. The countryside is an inspiration for so many painters and writers and Mother Nature is really showing off today.

Daniel will have the kettle on as we get closer to his potting shed and greenhouse. He makes the most disgusting tea on the planet and the mugs he serves it in are as grubby as Graham Gladstone’s trench coat but it’s the thought that count. He loves visitors and will most certainly love you. The first thing to hit you is the smell of freshly picked runner-beans and cauliflower, a smell never experienced in a supermarket. In a matter of hours they will be on the table, once our kitchen team have prepared them in their own inimitable fashion.

Oh, I forget to tell you Daniel plays the guitar, not well, but he plays the guitar and he’s doing a set for us tonight in The Yellow Café because Nancy has a sore throat, hardly surprising as she sang into the early hours. He loves the jazz music of guitar supremo Django Reinhardt, he who brought alive The Hot Club of Paris along with violinist Stephane Grappelli. His green fingers don’t quite go where Django’s go but he does his best and the audience love his dedication. The featured album tonight makes up for any musical deficiencies Daniel may have.

Hard Luck Stories (1972 - 1982) by Richard and Linda Thompson. An incredible boxset featuring all 6 studio albums plus non-album singles, B-Sides, Demos, Rarities and Previously Unreleased Live recordings!

I bet, like me, you have taken some written works for granted. I mentioned William Wordsworth earlier and what an amazing poet that man was. Once again, somewhat of a loner, wandering as lonely as a cloud, his own words, and it’s good to catch up on the words of those who are long gone. They are still around in the literary world because they were good, as simple as that. Ancient and recent, we admire and discuss both at The Yellow Café. Here’s a new publication you should check out at your leisure; The Mirror and The Light by Hillary Mantel.

It’s great to promote new authors who want their works read further afield. It’s an important part of the café, as is creating awareness of new painters. The wall to your left as you enter is what I call the guest gallery, where we feature brilliant artists of all persuasions and you really must take the time to see what is on display as I check out that all is well in the kitchen. Please forgive me for I must get on with my duties, but you are more than welcome to stay at The Yellow Café as long as your brain allows.

Splash of Meadow by Tracey Unwin

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