Day Twelve

Updated: Sep 14

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Hello and welcome to The Yellow Café where there is always an open door and an open heart to greet you. I would never call myself a sporty type but our day has begun with an early morning game of French Boulle in the field adjacent to the lake. Don’t ask because I can offer you no explanation. All was going rather swimmingly until Nancy tossed one of the heavy balls into a cowpat and the game how now been abandoned, such a shame as we all enjoyed the attractive Lana leaning over as she tried to place her attempt nearest the wooden jack. Hey, it was good while it lasted. Let’s go back inside and enjoy the coffee aroma, you are more than welcome to join us. Why not start the day with some enjoyable music? Try this album for size, we absolutely love it at The Yellow Café.

Eight Gates by Jason Molina

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Artists come and go at The Yellow Café. Some visit us to paint our surroundings or to simply be inspired by the atmosphere within. Those who cannot make it personally we display on our walls in the hope you will like them as much as we do. The artist I wish to feature today really is an inspiration. Oh how I wish I could paint. I can’t even paint a wall let alone the beautiful pieces that hang on a wall. Yes, I am jealous, not a good thing, but I am inspired all the same. I have a delightful featured artist today.

The Big Blue Vortex - Large Seascape by Melanie Graham

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I read lots of books regardless of the subject matter. The fact that authors have put down so many words onto paper I find completely spell-binding. My offer you today is an interesting read.

Westwind by Ian Rankin

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Maybe it is time to try and retrieve the metal ball from it’s undesirable position in the field. It’s well and truly in the mire and we don’t approve of that kind of mind-set at The Yellow Café. Enjoy the day, there will be another coming along at midnight.

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