Day Twenty

Updated: 5 days ago

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How nice to see you. We invite all who are in search of a little liberation and freedom through a visit to The Yellow Café. I thought you may be interested in helping me design a cosy snug area in the right hand corner of the barn conversion. I think it may be a nice area of solitude for a couple who want a romantic slant to their visit. What do you think? I have in mind a deep, olive green curtain, possibly velvet, that can be drawn across as they enjoy their intimate meal. Green is Mother Nature’s favourite colour for obvious reasons and The Yellow Café relies on her for tranquillity and for the vegetables that Pierre Dumont puts to good use in our kitchen.

And it isn’t just us, as she has also inspired so many artists through the centuries. Mother Nature is the most stunning person on our planet and so many painters have benefitted from what she has created on earth. To begin your visit with us today I’d like to introduce you to one such artist, our guest painter today.

Warm Light Through Trees by Michele Wallington

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Authors have also benefitted hugely from Mother Nature too. Think of any classic novel and you will recall scenes taking place in gardens, forests or close to rivers. Thank goodness she turned up and added some beauty to this dusty old planet that spins around in the sky, there would be no such books, movies or scenic photographs. There wouldn’t be any music either, no Handel’s Water Music, no Green Green Grass of Home, although you may well say thank goodness for that. Nancy Miller, our resident performer, has written some beautiful songs via her lakeside inspiration. I often hear her walking through our fields, singing her heart out. The sheep often like to join in, well at least I presume it’s sheep and not Daniel our tone-deaf gardener. I love this album that has just come into my possession.

Die Midwestern by Arlo McKinley

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What can we possibly say about writing with Mother Nature’s inspiration. There’s no doubt we are all inspired by all sorts of places, people and things, but nothing could inspire us more than the presence of Mother Nature. I believe our café is a great place to chill and think about the more pleasant things in life. Nice surroundings and nice people, surely you couldn’t ask for more today. You’re in the company of great artists, musicians and writers, none more so than the author I would now like to mention.

Three Women by Lisa Taddeo

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Thanks for coming to see us all today. Why not come and see us again soon?

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