Day Twenty Eight

Hello my dear friend, please allow me to take you to a café the likes of which you have never been to before. The Yellow Café has grown into a popular meeting place in recent times for creative-minded people like yourself who need to sometimes close the door on the big world outside and open the door that leads into indulgent fantasy. If you are a newcomer then welcome along, if you have visited us before you will know, thanks to our chef, Pierre Dumont, we have the most spectacular cuisine on offer, all from home-grown produce and we supply endless cups of freshly ground coffee too because we just love that smell wafting through the barn from early morning to dusk.

There’s plenty on our menu, but the three most desirable items are art, music and literature and they come in abundance. Music is supplied by our resident performer, Nancy Miller, whilst our in-house poet Graham Gladstone is our man of words. Art? Well that in-house contributor happens to be me, Charlie Murray. We have guests too. Check out this artist who caught my eye the other day.

Bell Tout Lighthouse by Marja Brown

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When it comes to the written word there are always so many wonderful books to either browse when you are here or to read in depth at your leisure. I think the first book I ever read was Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson. He wrote that in 1882 and it still holds as a brilliant read today. I still have an empathy with it myself as The Yellow Café is my very own Treasure Island. In fact it’s full of little treasures, none more so than Nancy who I mentioned, our resident singer/songwriter, who will be on stage later. Before she performs I want you to hear this brilliant album that has been recently brought to my attention.

But I'd Rather Be With You by Molly Tuttle released August 28th 2020

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It seems strange we admire fondly the work of Robert Louis Stevenson when it’s all about nasty buccaneering pirates and rogues of the most undesirable order. Who can ever forget Long John Silver, Jim Hawkins, Captain Flint and Billy Bones. I tell you now if I saw that lot walking up the path The Yellow Café would be closed with immediate effect.

Speaking of great books, this another that I found of great interest.

A Thousand Ships by Natalie Haynes released July 23rd 2020

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So here you are in my own Treasure Island. Take a look around and imagine the beautiful fragrances of freshly-baked bread and coffee. Oh yes. And do please come and visit us again soon.

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