Day Twenty Five

Hello, it’s so nice to have you visit us at The Yellow Café. We have no seasons as such here because its springtime if want it to be spring and summertime if you want it to be summer. That’s the joy of such a fantasy venue. I often think who I would like to see perform on the stage at the far end if I could choose anyone. Yes, it would have to be Bob Dylan, the ultimate man of words. I doubt he would enter into deep conversation with me but just feeling his presence here would be monumental in the extreme. Who would you love to see here? Anyone from any era who could appear as if by magic. So engrossed with this thought I have arranged for Nancy Miller, our resident singer, to give us an evening of Dylan songs this evening. I have insisted she sings Like A Rolling Stone and Boots of Spanish Leather. My god, Bob Dylan at The Yellow Café, imagine that. I can.

It would be only right to lead into the live performance this evening with an album by a singer obviously inspired by the great man. It isn’t hard to find one. You simply play an album by any singer/songwriter and in some way or another they would have been inspired by Mr Dylan. I’ve chosen this.

Down In The Weeds Where The World Once Was by Bright Eyes

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Lana, our waitress, had heard of Bob Dylan but didn’t really know his music too well. I’ve just converted her and it didn’t take much trying. Her age means she wasn’t around when the man was at his peak but, as I reminded her, she wasn’t around when Vincent Van Gogh painted his finest works but that’s doesn’t mean she cannot admire them either. The creative world knows nothing of time as the best remain the best forever. I’ve had my eye on this artist for a while now. I love the use of colour. What do you think?

Rusted Old Man by Kloska Ovidiu

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Before we close the book on this day of folky nostalgia I must recommend you a couple of books and authors too. The bible of American folk music is Bound For Glory by Woody Guthrie but any publication by Alan Lomax will suffice. Whilst Guthrie was gathering and writing songs in the USA we had our own song collector active in Great Britain. It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to Cecil Sharp.

One Hundred English Folk Songs by Cecil J. Sharp

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Just imagine going back to the days of sitting around an open fire drinking moonshine and listening to the great performers back in the day. The shadows lengthen as the night draws on but nobody wants to leave. Shall we make it what they used to call an all-nighter? I’m up for it if you are. Thick head tomorrow I fear.

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