Day Twenty Four

Another rainy day at The Yellow Café, but please don’t let that dampen your spirits. Rain has been the subject of so many brilliant songs and it also helps Daniel to grow the vegetables in our very own garden, so I welcome the occasional shower and the sound of raindrops dancing on our roof. There is something quite erotic about taking your shoes off and dancing in the rain. It’s a great way of losing all your cares and woes as you gently footstep your way into a far more alluring world. Why don’t you join me? When it stops we can skip puddles like we did as children while the flowers dry their petals. If it starts to fall harder then there’s nothing better to engross yourself in than a good book, taking the odd moment to watch the raindrops roll down the windows as if they’re in some kind of race. Come rain or shine this is the book I recommend as today’s choice. You will not be disappointed as you turn its pages.

The New Wilderness by Diane Cook

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I hate wearing raincoats and heavy clothing when it rains. I prefer to get soaking wet and enjoy the feeling of exultation as I dry out naturally. I love my hair looking unkempt and straggly as it recovers from the shower. I love to see skin sticking to wet clothing, the gentle hint of flesh through clinging tops really is quite erotic I’m sure you will agree. Can you remember the last time you were caught in the rain and how you cursed? There’s no need to curse is there? It can be such a beautiful experience, aligning yourself with Mother Nature. Having said that umbrellas have been included in many paintings by the great masters. There’s Renoir’s The Umbrellas and Monet’s Woman With Parasol, but the one that stands out to me is Jack Vettriano’s The Umbrella Shop. Check that out, it could be us dancing as a waitress stands holding an umbrella over us during a storm. While you’re checking out paintings then you must also make yourself aware of this artist.

Midnight Umbrella 8 by Aisha Haider

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Yes, we should celebrate raindrops and not curse them. Authors have utilised downpours too. There’s Maeve Binchy that seems to have been on our bookshelves forever even though it wasn’t published until 2004. She wrote another called Nights of Rain and Stars so dear Maeve obviously shares our passion for that particular element. It’s great to read the words of the great. Here’s an aspiring great that I’m sure you will find interesting.

Summerwater by Sarah Moss

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Time to dry out in the nicest possible way. It’s been a wild party with Mother Nature as our host. Don’t worry about your hair, it looks great. Why not call again tomorrow and enjoy yet more liberation?

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