Day Twenty Nine

Greetings from The Yellow Café. Much to the annoyance of all around me I bought myself my very first guitar. I’ve always wanted to learn but never bothered. All at the café wish I hadn’t bothered yesterday either. Hey, life is all about ticking boxes and this guitar has ticked a big one for me. I love all guitar music, from Django Reinhardt to Jimi Hendrix. Did you know he appeared at Woodstock on the Monday morning when most of the crowd had gone home, fed up with the weather. The field was near as damn it empty but it turned out to be the greatest and most important gig Jimi Hendrix would ever play. 9 o’clock in the morning and he played for just over two hours and a legend was born. Today I simply have to recommend to you a delightful album that also has a wealth of nice guitar playing, different to Hendrix of course but, hey, there was and ever will be only one Jimi Hendrix.

Martin Carthy by Martin Carthy released in 1965

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They built this city on rock and roll. Remember that song? It’s ear-worming me right now. Ah yes, Jefferson Starship, written back in 1985. I find it strange that I love so much music that was written and recorded before I was born. Actually, that’s a ridiculous statement, what about classical composers? What about great artists whose works we admire in art galleries around the world. It isn’t actually strange at all. But let us not forget the artists of today who are desperate to show you their latest works. That’s one of the flags we love to fly at The Yellow Café. We have the wall space to show you anything you want to see, so take a look at this new artist, the pieces are so beautiful you could hang them from your eyelids and close your eyes.

Feel The Sun by Derek Haydon

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Yes there’s always art on the wall and music in the air at The Yellow Café. I must admit my new guitar purchase hasn’t gone down too well but I’ll keep practicing on the end of my bed. In the meantime I will recommend a great book to you. Today’s visit has been somewhat nostalgic but to bring you into modern times, not always a great thing I know, I have a great read I have discovered.

The Governess by Wendy Holden released August 20th 2020

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Ah, I enjoyed slipping back a few years in time. That really is the strange thing about art, music and literature, those who give us all those three realms of enjoyment come and go, but their works are around forever. Do visit again and get lost in my world of fantasy at The Yellow Café.

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