Day Twenty One

Welcome to The Yellow Cafe, walk awhile with me by your side as we approach our barn conversion. Before I take you through the door that leads to our fantasy world of art, music and literature, I would love us both to take in the amazing craftmanship of those who built this incredible wooden work of art. The sturdiness and the attention to detail built by those who never had the machinery of these modern times. It was only this morning when I realised that although we display inside its walls there is a wonderful example of art on the outside too. They must have worked so hard, through long hours, to build this testament of man’s skills and imagine how they would feel if they were standing beside us now, explaining how they went about such a task. I’m sure they would be as proud as the artists that we hang on our walls. The hand-made wooden pegs, the carved oak and the twisted, entwined branches that made it all possible are still standing as an example of their craftwork. Oh yes, they would be proud alright. Come inside and get warm as I tell you all about our guest artist today. Just imagine if the two of them had met and discussed their different works of art, such a wonderful conversation would have ensued.

Castle View by Alan Harris

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I wonder what the music of the time was like. Yes we all know about the great composers of centuries passed but there must have been solo performers too, not just wandering minstrels but serious musicians and writers. It’s incredible to think that we know absolutely nothing about any of them, but surely they must have been around? How great it would be if we could step back in time and hear them singing their songs as the carpenters went about their task of building our barn. The sound of chisels and hammers tapping in time to the music of the day. We all know all forms of art are timeless and so it would be only right to think of those who wrote and sang their songs oh so long ago. Timeless is indeed the word today because I’ve been constantly playing an album that was sent to us just a couple of days ago and it’s the music I would like to share with you as you enter The Yellow Café and take in all its surroundings.

Hold Fast by Stick In The Wheel

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It’s a beautiful piece of musical craft and, by the way, I can’t wait for our very own Nancy Miller’s debut album that I hear she is working on at the moment. There’s a small studio in the village where she’s been putting some hours into laying down tracks. I suppose that’s the difference, why we never hear the songwriters of long ago, there were no such things as recording studios. The same could be said for authors too, back in the days when there were no literary agents and very few bookshops. Even the great writers such as Charles Dickens and Emily Bronte had to serialise their works to bring them to the attention of the public. Oh how lucky we are to just pick up a book and read it from beginning to end, it never used to be that easy. I am paying attention to one such book as we speak and I recommend every single page and chapter.

The Lantern Men by Elly Griffiths

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Oh well, a trip back in time never hurt anyone, in fact come to think of it H.G. Wells didn’t do too bad writing of the past did he? I have often wondered if he wrote The Invisible Man with invisible ink. I’m waffling now so please join me for a cup of coffee and enjoy your time with me at The Yellow Café.

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