Day Twenty Seven

Every day at The Yellow Café is a pleasure to behold but today, I have to say, is perhaps as good as it gets. I watched the Sun rise this morning because we both got up at the same time. It’s amazing how the birds start singing as soon as the big yellow ball begins to lift itself into the sky. Their lives are shorter than ours and so they know they have to make the very best of every single day that is granted to them. That has to be a lesson we should learn from our feathered friends. They don’t need a coffee to get their wings flapping and neither do they wake up with a stinking headache from too much wine the night before. As soon as they awake they sing their little hearts out and today I felt very much the same when I got out of bed.

I decided to walk the footpath early this morning, saying good morning to the flowers and the trees, even though they never replied, but that wasn’t a big deal, I knew they were happy to see me and that’s all that matters. There’s a song about talking to the trees that must be half a century old but I can’t quite remember how it goes, although it doesn’t matter because we don’t just rely on the vintage songwriters at The Yellow Café as we hear so much amazing new music as we go about our day. For example, try this singer/songwriter for size, I highly recommend this album.

No Matter Where It Goes From Here by Wood and Wire

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I picked some runner beans this morning when Daniel the gardener wasn’t looking. He hates anyone trespassing on his sacred patch. I didn’t mean to, that wasn’t the reason I went down the footpath but the runner beans made me laugh. I love the way they hide on the beanpoles as if they are playing their very own version of hide and seek. The real reason I am out so early is because I fancied doing some pencil drawing in my sketch pad. I’m not very good, I don’t claim to be very good but it’s one of life’s liberating pleasures. Do you remember at school you painted every tree-trunk brown? Take a closer look, most aren’t brown at all, rather a mixture of greys and greens, and so with pencils it’s a case of learning to shade the different hues differently. Art is a science, even though we all hated science at school, so take a look at artists works and see how they attack a plain and simple tree. It isn’t as plain and simple as you first thought. It’s all far more sophisticated than that and that’s why I admire artists so much. I truly admire the artist I’m showing today on the left-hand wall of the café. Please share the talent and enjoy the beauty offered by such clever people.

A Summer Splendour by Lucy Moore

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Although I love to read autobiographies there are some other books that don’t interest me in the slightest. For example, I don’t do cookery books. I don’t need help on how to prepare the runner beans I found hiding around the poles. I love to experiment be it cooking, music and pencil drawing in my sketch book. I love to experiment in other ways too but hey, that’s far too much information for you whom I don’t know too well so you’ll just have to use your imagination. To that end I shall immerse myself in a book I found on the café bookshelves this morning and I shall use my imagination too.

On Earth We're Briefly Gorgeous by Ocean Vuong

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So here is another day to remember at The Yellow Café. Don’t forget you are welcome here any time you need to escape from the trials and tribulations of everyday life. The birds are always singing here and hey, why not come and have a game of hide and seek with me?

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