Day Twenty Six

Ah, the smell of the freshly baked bread browning off in our kitchen as we give the café a once over. Like the rest of us it likes to look its best when being presented to the public. Lana, our adorable waitress, has been hard at it. I knew she meant business when she turned up with her hair in a bun on the top of her head, a first for me. She has the wildest hair that falls from her head and past her shoulders curling and swirling like waves on the ocean. Haha, I didn’t even know she had ears until today, especially as she ignores most things I say as she goes about her day doing exactly what she wants to do with a seductive smile upon her face. I fell in love with Lana the very first time she walked into The Yellow Café so she gets away with blue murder and I’m pretty cool with that. You’d love to spend an hour setting the tables and dusting the library shelves with Lana, she’s such a hysterical bundle of energy that just cannot be contained.

She showed a book she found of interest as she dusted those shelves. I had a quick glance and I’m already hooked. I’ll give this a serious read when I’ve done the chores. Why don’t you join me for coffee and we’ll read a few chapters together? That would be nice.

Moonflower Murders by An thony Horowitz

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Let’s go for a casual stroll outside. Bob Dylan didn’t exactly split my head open last night but I think the fresh-air is much called for right now. Ah, the smell of the freshly-cut grass in our nostrils. It’s beautiful isn’t it? It’s Mother Nature’s very own perfume. Daniel, our gardener, has obviously been riding around on the sit-on mower, a real treat for him as he was banned from driving five years ago and never bothered to renew his driving licence. He’s such a simple soul but he sure knows how to tempt a vegetable out of the ground.

He was whistling a delightful tune as he went backwards and forwards on the mower. I couldn’t make it out at first until I realised it was a track from this album that has just arrived. He obviously rates it if it has given him an ear-worm moment. Take a listen, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it too.

Hyperspace (2020) by Beck

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All that is going out here today reminds me so much of John Constable’s Haywain, not only his most famous landscape painting but quite possibly the most famous landscape painting in the whole world. It’s as though The Yellow Café has transformed into Willy Lott’s cottage and Daniel has become the farmer going about his business in that painting. A good painting allows you to stretch your imagination in such a way. This artist I am introducing you to has the same effect on me. Brilliant art.

Twisting Fire by Ansgar Dressler

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Hopefully see you tomorrow if you would care to join me again.

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