Day Twenty Three

Welcome to The Yellow Café, I’m so pleased you’ve joined us at our most magical venue for art, music and literature. We are music all the way today with a travelling string quartet performing at our first lunchtime session. In this world of synthesised music there is no better sounds than the real strings of violins, a viola and a cello. It really is something special, a sound that helps you drift away to wherever your head wants to go. There’s our evening performance too by Nancy Miller and wedged between these two live performances we will be sharing with you some amazing recorded music that has been sent to us in the last couple of days. You really must check this album out, it’s superb.

Keep It Light by Steven Adams and The French Drops

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The music and dance of 19th Century France inspired French artist Toulouse Lautrec who, by the way, painted most of his works on cardboard as opposed to canvas. The Moulin Rouge was his equivalent of our Yellow Café as he spent hours drawing sweeping lines and curves of the dancers that performed before him. Henri was certainly a difficult man to describe, be it a post-impressionist or realism, but like so many artists he started out as a printmaker and illustrator before his art was taken seriously by the critics. Like so many others he died young, he was just 37 when he left the world in 1901, but he left such amazing artworks behind for us to appreciate. Art is all about appreciation and I hope you do exactly that with the artist I welcome to The Yellow Café today.

Firedance by Susana Zarate

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The same can be said for authors too. So many lost their fight for life at a time when they were in their prime. Anne Bronte was just 29 and Emily, who gave us Wuthering Heights, only made it to 30. Romantic poet, Thomas Chatterton, died of starvation in 1770 in London at just 17 years of age. How about one of our most famous romantic poets, John Keats. He passed away at the tender age of 25. But hey, there are numerous authors and poets who are alive and kicking and waiting for you to read their latest title. You must read this, I love it.

Betty by Tiffany McDaniel

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They say the good die young but our poet Graham Gladstone and most definitely our gardener, Daniel, are exceptions to that highly unpleasant rule. So it’s string-quartet music followed by a laid-back evening of acoustic music. Throw in good food and good company and you have the perfect setting in which to chill-out today. Embrace it all at The Yellow Café.

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