Day Twenty Two

I’m so pleased you’ve found the time and mental space to join me at The Yellow Café. We’re having a Scandinavian day today and you’re welcome to be here with us as we prepare for something a little out of the ordinary. We’ve never arranged such a day before but we just want to prove there is more to that cold part of the planet than the music of ABBA. Our resident singer, Nancy Miller, was telling me how Agnetha Faltskog was a solo folk singer before the band formed in 1972. Benny Andersson was too although they called them hootenanny singers in Sweden and not folk singers. So dear Nancy has arranged an acoustic set to sing this evening, just the same as Agnetha would if she were here in her solo capacity. It will be so interesting and I’ve chosen this album to compliment Nancy, it’s definitely an album of songs written from the heart.

Ruins by First Aid Kit

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Our chef, Pierre Dumont, is entering into the spirit too, forsaking his usual French inspired menu for something different. Scandinavian cuisine relies very much on the ocean and they are great fish eaters. By that I don’t mean they eat fish better than us, but I mean they are very fond of their fish dishes. The area has a large fishing industry and they have endless recipes such as fiskekaker. There’s fish soup and fish pie too, so Pierre had to make an early start this morning with a trip into town as our beautiful lake has no inhabitants such as salmon and even if we did they would never find their way into The Yellow Cafe kitchen, they wouldn’t like that idea.

I suppose the most famous Scandinavian painter is Edvard Munch, the celebrated expressionist. He was born back in 1863 and he started out as a graphic artist before The Scream gave him the notoriety he craved. All artists need that chance to show off their skills and it’s something we love to assist with at the café. Here is today’s featured artist. I’m certain you will praise and enjoy their work.

Geirangerfjord by Mick Sargent

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And while we’re celebrating the cold climes of Scandinavia today how can we possibly not mention the work of Hans Christian Andersen, born in Denmark in 1805 and still the world’s greatest write of fairy-tales. He could have written The Ugly Duckling down at our lake. Andersen wrote for pleasure never thinking his big break would happen, and pleasure is what writing is all about. You should try writing a book, or at least the first few pages before you give up, it’s great fun. I have a great author to recommend to you today.

Tómas Jónsson, Bestseller by Guðberger Bergsson

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Let the fish dishes flow and the music begin on our day trip to Scandinavia. Wrap up warm and come along with me. Enjoy your day at The Yellow Café.

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