Day Two

Updated: Sep 11

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It’s raining today outside The Yellow Café but it doesn’t dampen our spirits because it’s a special kind of rain. The heaven’s opened above us as the dawn rose and down they came, small friendly raindrops floating down like confetti at a wedding.

As the Sun came up a beautiful rainbow appeared. Yes, we both know rainbows are special and represent so many good things these days, but this particular rainbow was very, very special because it made its way into the barn doors of The Yellow Café and its seven wondrous colours became our very own seven wonders of the world. Come and see.

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet are adorning our interior. Look at the warmth of the red across the floor of the café. It creates a red carpet effect just like the walk through for celebrities at a film awards ceremony. Take a few steps and you will feel a bit of a star too, someone very special.

The orange lights the wall of my Charlie Murray Gallery and the crisp colour of energy makes my artworks stand out like a beacon. It’s a natural light far more seductive than any lighting we’ve put up ourselves. It doesn’t just enhance my pictures but also the frames, making my works an exhibition enhanced by natural beauty. Do take a look at my offerings, they are one of the reasons The Yellow Café came to be.

The Charlie Murray Gallery

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Ah the yellow, as bright and vivid as Vincent Van Gogh’s Sunflowers. It’s as though the great man himself has popped in to endorse our premises. He loved barns like ours, he painted so many of them, so he must have done, and the yellow of the rainbow seems to have transcended from his palette. It blends so perfectly with the orange that climbs the gallery wall. It’s no wonder the entire Yellow Café project was indeed inspired by Vincent.

If you look to your right as you enter the door you will see our range of home-made foods bedecked in green, a confirmation of the freshness and well-being of the organic produce grown by Daniel our gardener. Green seems to represent anything that’s right in the outside world, what with The Green Party and Greenpeace, and that very same colour has joined us at our food counter to remind all who enter in that we too bring goodness and a special caring to make the world a special place.

The blue, the blue as deep as any ocean, has trickled to the far end of the room where the performances will take place later. As you may already know we begin our musical evenings with our favourite album of the day, as we share the music we have been playing as we prepare for our doors to open. Today we seem to be as folky as yesterday as, before our resident singer Nancy Miller takes to the stage, we feature an album from yet another startling singer/songwriter, Gillian Welch.

Boots No. 2 The Lost Songs by Gillian Welch - Acony Records

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I wonder if you think the same as me that indigo is the most forgotten colour of the rainbow? How wrong is that? It’s such a placid, relaxing hue that appears in so many wonderful paintings. Just think of Turner’s swirling skies and indigo rolls around his canvas with a free reign. I must admit it took me a while to appreciate this great landscape painter, probably until I realised the sparseness of his objects and the very subject matters themselves gave room for us all to imagine for our selves exactly what he was trying to say with the paintbrush.

Ah yes, and then of course there is violet, the colour of the bluebells either side of you as you walk down to our lake at Springtime. The colour rings out just like those bluebells. Vincent used exactly that colour to subtly enhance the vase in his Sunflowers painting. Just maybe once again that colour beamed into The Yellow Café with the Dutchman’s compliments. How I wish I had words in me to write a book. On second thoughts we have other authors who we admire and talk about here. Today we highlight the work of; Clare Chambers.

Small Pleasures by Clare Chambers released 9th July 2020

So yes, it may be raining outside, yet it does nothing but enhance the smell of the countryside that surrounds The Yellow Cafe and provides that very special rainbow, those seven colours that have become, as I mentioned, our very own seven wonders of the world. Close your eyes and you will see exactly what I mean. Welcome to The Yellow Café.

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